There are many reasons why we make great buyers for your business.

We are 100% committed to one company.

At MAGNUM Capital, we are focused on finding one single high-quality company in which we can pour all our time and energy. Because we are looking to make a single acquisition, 100% of our leadership, operational and financial experience will be directed towards your company’s success. We go “all-in”.

Patricia and Enrico will take an active management role and be fully committed to running the business and day-to-day operations. Additionally, a board of directors will provide further strategic guidance and expertise.

We care and want to ensure your legacy lives on.

We don’t want to break down your company like an old car and sell it for parts. We want to build upon your reputation and inject our expertise to make your business even greater than it already is.

For Enrico and Patricia, it’s both professional and personal. They are two passionate entrepreneurs who met in business school and share the dream of becoming successful business owners. Together, they have created MAGNUM Capital with this dream in mind and are actively seeking to invest in a company that has the potential to become a great family-owned Canadian company.

We have the expertise and experience.

We have assembled a world-class team with the breadth and depth of experience necessary for success. We have worked on some very complex strategic projects for large blue-chip companies and we also know how to get our hands dirty and help solve human resources issues in small businesses. Our operational knowledge is strong and we have experience in setting up solid foundations for growth.

We will get inspired by best practices in different sectors, find creative solutions to existing challenges and unlock your company’s full potential.

We have access to the necessary capital.

We don’t want to waste your time with unfulfilled promises. Our team has the financial muscle to complete a transaction quickly and we have the expertise necessary to structure an arrangement that will suit your needs.

We are interested in sustainable growth.

Aggressive growth can kill a business. At MAGNUM Capital our focus is on building a great company. We pursue sustainable growth strategies that will ensure the business does well now and over the long term.

We have a wealth of experience designing and implementing growth strategies in companies of different sizes. We seek to create value for all stakeholders, including the customers and the employees.

Let’s Compare

At Magnum Capital, we value what you’ve built and offer a different approach to the more traditional exit opportunities.

  MAGNUM Capital Traditional Private Equity Trade Buyer
Commitment 100% full-time focus on one company. Enrico and Patricia will manage day-to-day operations to achieve long-term success. One of several portfolio companies. Occasional board-level involvement. One of many corporate divisions or entire disappearance of the company through a complete integration.
Value creation Building a world-class company through revenue growth and operational improvements. Financial engineering, cost-cutting and strategic oversight. Acquisition synergies and integration into existing operations.
Ownership period Long-term No preset exit deadlines. 3 to 5 years Investment horizon is determined by the life of the fund. Dependent on the core business strategy.
Source of capital Group of highly successful entrepreneurs, business angels and institutional investors. Institutional (large endowments, pension funds and insurance companies). Public and private funds.
Transaction structure Flexible to accommodate seller’s needs. Fairly rigid structure with some earn out provisions. May have the option to take up a specific corporate role with new owners.
Owner tie-in Owner can leave completely after a short hand over period. Owner typically required to remain with the company for 2-3 years with less autonomy and more reporting requirements. Varies.