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Ticonderoga Capital

Ticonderoga Capital is a private equity investor in small buyout and growth equity investments in profitable healthcare and software companies. We are active investors, often represented on the Board of Directors. We have served as Directors, Board Chairman, Executive Chairman and even CEO’s of our companies on an as-needed basis.

The Managing Partner of Ticonderoga Capital is Craig Jones, a 30-year veteran of the private equity and venture capital fields. He has served on the Boards of 50 companies over the past 30 years and experienced every outcome from write-offs to 15X returns. Over time Ticonderoga has narrowed its focus to only two fields, healthcare and software. The healthcare investment focus includes healthcare services, healthcare IT, healthcare payment management systems, and other healthcare business services. In software and Internet driven companies, Ticonderoga invests in enterprise software, SaaS, and Internet B2B companies.

Ticonderoga typically invests as part of syndicate mostly in majority purchases of companies with $4.0 to $40.0 million in revenue and at least $2.0 million in EBITDA. Occasionally Ticonderoga also participates in growth equity minority investments in profitable companies in these niches. We seek to provide liquidity to founders and early investors and to help in the transition of management if necessary. With professionals in the Denver and Boston area, we invest anywhere in the U.S.